Our Property Management Answering Service is all about effective call handling and great customer service. Whether you are searching for a residential answering service to handle calls from tenants, or you are an agency requiring answering service for real estate offices, we got your back.

Working in the property management field means that you have to be alert and ready for anything. From maintenance emergencies to disputes between neighbours, water leaks, lockouts, tenants’ enquiries and more. A property management contact centre makes it possible for property managers and other real estate professionals to focus on what is most important for their business. By freeing your team from ringing phones, your staff can concentrate their energy on more productive tasks. Rather than putting out fires, your office can work from a place of proactive collaboration. In turn, the calls are handled by our team of professionals eager to help tenants, clients, and potential customers in any way possible.


When you are the first line of defence against maintenance emergencies it can be hard to relax. An after-hours answering service for property management companies can bring you and your team peace of mind. Agents are on standby to address questions, take messages, and when necessary, contact someone from your team for serious emergencies. Having a professional on hand to differentiate between minor issues and major emergencies can save your team both time and energy.

Maximize occupancy and improve tenant retention
by offering great customer experience


One of the biggest difficulties for real estate agents is fielding phone calls during the work day. When your phone rings during a private showing with a promising buyer for example or when you are in meetings, there is no way to know if this call is urgent, so you end up missing business opportunities. With our real estate answering service you can rest assured that calls will be handled with care and professionalism. We screen each caller and only forward the most important matters to you. By understanding the reasons why a person is calling and how pressing their concerns are, we can make key decisions about the calls that are forwarded onto your phone. We will collect all relevant info and get hot leads to the right agent immediately.

  • Avoid Missed Calls

  • Increase Sales
  • Build Customer Loyalty

  • Improve Brand Image

  • Optimise Resources

  • Enhance Service Quality

Inbound and Outbound Solutions

  • Help-Desk Support
  • General Inquiries
  • Complaints Management
  • After-Hours Support
  • Rent Payment Reminders
  • Emergency Dispatches
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Feedback
  • Customer Service
  • Data Verification
  • Call backs/Follow ups
  • Email handling


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    Did you know that 67% of callers who can’t reach a real person hang up the phone out of frustration?
    And 34% of those who hang-up don’t call back?