Amazing customer service is the foundation of successful brands. At a time when customers have a plethora of choices in products and services they don’t just expect great customer service, they demand it. However, some are learning the hard way as statistics show that 74% of consumers are likely to switch brands after having a poor customer experience. Our Contact Centre consists of a team of dedicated agents that are professional and customer-focused so that they can provide an experience that is seamless and effortless. They are committed to paying attention to every detail and handle effectively queries as they are experienced problem solvers with excellent communication skills. We become an extension of your company as we are devoted in treating your callers the way you would in a courteous and timely manner. We can act as an interface between the customers and your company by handling enquiries, complaints, assisting with help-desk support, taking messages, transferring calls and answering questions about your products/services in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Every call is resolved properly, leaving customers delighted thus enhancing loyalty.


The benefits of outsourcing are plentiful depending on each company’s needs. When you decide to use our services rest assured that we will invest time and effort to get to know you and your business so that we can deliver the best possible results. By outsourcing a number or all of your call centre functions with us, we are entering into a partnership that will allow you to save time, money, space and equipment while increasing your teams’ availability to focus on the more important tasks of your business. What is more, another advantage is that you get out of the never-ending cycle of hiring and training employees as we take care of that and we got you covered all year round.


Inbound Services

Reaching out to your customers.

Placing outbound calls to customers is a great way to improve your relationship. Whether you are calling to follow up, to verify information, remind them of an upcoming appointment, or conduct a survey, proactively reaching out shows that your customers are important to your business and that you are actively working to ensure their satisfaction.

Outbound Services
-Surveys and feedback
-Call backs
-Follow ups
-Customer retention
-Appointment reminders
-Data verification
-Cart abandonment recovery
-Market research
-Seminar and Event registration

Overflow Call Centre

Use our overflow call centre service and reduce repeat calls and customers waiting time in order to eliminate frustration. There are periods that all companies receive large numbers of calls and they lose business due to missed calls. There is not need to hire additional staff for those busy periods as we can help you answer all calls in a cost-effective way.


Companies with after-hours accessibility are excelling in customer service. Our after-hours contact centre services will make your organisation available longer hours adding value to your customers and increasing profits. Flexibility is a very important aspect of business as customers and clients have different daily schedules and some may wish to reach you in the evening.

What types of industries use our Contact Centre services:

Our services are completely customisable so that we can work with a variety of industries from small offices to large organisations. Some of the industries we serve include the healthcare sector, clinical laboratories, attorneys, property managers, educational institutions, finance, media and marketing, online shops, non-profit organisations and more.

Every business needs a dedicated team of customer service experts in order to assist their clients with queries, support and information. The much-needed personal touch of today’s digital era has become the differentiator in customer decisions.


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